Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Junction General Store and Cafe - Garrison, TX

Homeward bound on our trip up and down Texas Highway 59, we came across a place we couldn't help but stop at. Happy Junction perfect road food: right on the highway, home cooking, an assemblage of decorative (Texas) items and, most importantly, chicken fried steak.

The meal began with a really nice salad with home grown tomatoes. The addition of a welcome (if odd) sprinkling of Cheddar cheese made for a nice salty bite. The ranch dressing was brought to us in a bottle (left on the table).

The wait was a few minutes while the cook (perhaps the only person around for miles) fixed up our CFSs. This just gave us time to look around and study the eclectic mix of maps, old beer signs and Texas ephemera. It also gave us the chance to hit the bathroom, located outside in a separate part of the building, apparently built some time after the original structure.

The CFS was of the pre-packages sort, a but gummy and overly salty, but hit the spot nevertheless.

The french fries were excellent. They put a nice seasoned blend on it and they were substantial enough to soak up some of the gravy.

The food was nothing to write home about (the standards for blogging being much lower) but this was the perfect place to end our road trip. We'll stop I'm again when we're back in the neighborhood.

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