Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dixie Diner - Texarkana, TX

Continuing along Highway 59, Chicken Fried Father and I rolled into Texarkana late and looking for sustenance.

We again did a Google search for a place for grub -- although this worked out great in Nac, it didn't work so well in Texarkana. We came across the Dixie Diner for a late night supper.

Having three chicken fried steaks in as many days, I switched it up and ordered a chicken fried steak sandwich. The dish came with a side and rolls for a slightly inflated $9.95.

The rolls were fine and the cornbread was pretty good (even if a bit dry). I got the fried okra which were way overcooked, dried out and salty. I pity ate four more than I should have.

The CFSS was decent -- layered with tomato and lettuce (and some stolen gravy from Chicken Fried Father's CFS) it made for a nice dish. The steak was tender enough to bite through, critical for biting a sandwich. The flavor wasn't great, but in a sandwich this is forgivable. The pillowy bun was nicely toasted and could hold on to all the supporting cast which I included mayo and mustard.

Overall an uneven meal but it hit the spot after a long day of traveling. I'm not sure I'd go back but the menu was large and varied and the staff friendly (even for 9 pm on a Wednesday).

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