Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Monument Inn - La Porte, TX

Visiting the San Jacinto Monument is a treat. The grounds are great for strolling and the museum in the base of the monument is chock full of historical goodies.

If only we could combine this experience with a tender CFS... The Monument Inn give us the opportunity. Located at the end of the Texas Independence Highway, the Inn has a big menu and a rather sophisticated dining room.

The CFS was a little disappointing. The breading was a little thin (and cold) and became soggy under the gravy. However, the flavor of the steak and the gravy together was very good, salty and savory. The steak was tender and moist.

The lunch plate came with salad and potato product. I chose fresh fries, which were excellent. Brussels sprout agreed and munched several whole fries for the first time.

Given how much I love the Monument and how often we go, no doubt the Inn will be in rotation. I plan to try the fried fish and the burger next, which various members of the chicken fried family tried.

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