Monday, August 15, 2011

Butcher Boys - Nacogdoches, TX

Continuing our road trip up and down the 59 highway, we rolled into Nacogdoches ("Nac") around lunchtime. I've always liked Nac when I've visited but never gotten to explore the town much. After strolling through the old downtown, including another in a series of unfortunately abandoned interesting theater, we did a Google search for CFS and Nac. This doesn't always work out well, but in this case it worked brilliantly.

The iPhone search turned up Butcher Boys, a large restaurant with an expansive menu. Since we had donuts about an hour earlier in Lufkin and since Chicken Fried Father is a senior citizen (but just barely), we ordered the $5.95 senior lunch: a CFS and a side.

Wow, what a deal. The CFS was amazing. The steak was so tender and had the perfect bite. There was so much flavor, even under the crispy breading and gravy. The gravy was perfect - great seasoning, flavorful and creamy.

We also ordered a side we haven't seen much in our travels: fried green tomatoes. The CGT were the perfect mix of tart and savory. Although they are often served with a ranch-type sauce, the absence of this on the plate made us even more appreciative of the flavor. (it even inspired us to buy some on the roadside in Tenaha, TX and make it at home).

I don't say this much, but this is among the best CFS in Texas. Go get some!

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