Monday, January 4, 2010

Twisted Root Burger Company - Richardson, TX

There’s more to life than CFS. Taking a brief sojourn from CFS, on a recent trip north to Dallas we had the chance to eat at Twisted Root (, an excellent and eclectic burger joint.
The burgers were excellent, but the fried goodie basket was amazing. Aptly named the “Fried Ride,” this basket of fried vittles arrived at the table with deep fried sweet potatoes, pickles, green beans and onions. Dipped in a little ranch and zinged with a dribble of one of Twisted Root’s signature ketchups (featuring curry and chipotle, among others) and you’re in heart-clogging heaven. The crispness of the veggies , the tender fried exterior and the salty, creamy ranch made for a wonderful bite at all levels.

Just forget about that New Year’s diet idea right now and get some of this.

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