Monday, January 11, 2010

Texas Land & Cattle – Tomball, TX

A little Chicken Fried Texan math: Bacon + Jalapeno + Melty Cheddar Cheese = delight.

Our waitress told us about a new menu “soft” rollout with some tasty fried goodies. The one that caught my eye was the “fried jalapeños.” These were not your corner bar’s stuffed jalapenos. These plump heaters were lightly breaded and stuffed with cheddar cheese, bacon and onions, unlike traditional fried jalapenos filled with only cream cheese or cheddar cheese. The seeds were left inside, giving the redesigned “poppers” a nice but understated heat.

These new poppers with a cold beer and some helmet-on-helmet football violence on Sunday afternoon and I’m a happy man.


Rachel said...

If you haven't been, try Mel's Cafe in Tomball. My family prefers it over the recent incarnation of Goodson's by far.

Chicken Fried Texan said...


Great suggestion! In fact, several people have mentioned Mel's. Next time I get the urge for some CFS, I'm heading up there.

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