Monday, January 11, 2010

Frank's Restaraunt - Shulenburg, TX

You may know Frank’s for their famous “Shulenburger” Burger but there is more to know. I sampled their CFS on the last leg of a trip and enjoyed it immensely.

It was simple, petite and magnificent. Her diminutive size belied her flavor packed punch. The creamy gravy cascaded over the crispy breading like a glorious waterfall – just enough gravy to entertain each bite. Mashed potatoes accompanied and were lumpy and starchy – the perfect compliment to a perfectly cooked steak and just salty enough breading. The only vegetable in sight was a sprig of parsley (which I declined to eat for health reasons).

So, next time you stop, order up the CFS if you’re looking for a burger alternative. Just expect to be very sleepy afterwards.


David said...

If you ever decide to continue on I-10 and head to West Texas, the restaurant at the Hotel Paisano in Marfa serves a good chicken fried steak. It's breaded with pistachio nuts (which make it nice and crispy) and served over a bed of jalapeno cream gravy. I'd be interested to read what you think of it...

Chicken Fried Texan said...


I've been looking for an excuse to head out west. I've alwasy wanted to visit Marfa -- reports are that the dining scene is excellent there. Thanks for the tip!

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