Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Original Fried Pie Shop - Buffalo, Texas

Fried. Pies. Even one of those two words should easily convince you to travel a few hours to Buffalo to partake.

Attached to a Mobil gas station, the Original Fried Pie Shop has lovely homemade pielets (you can see them rolling out the dough) which you can fill with savory or sweet (even options without sugar) options.

We chose the full octane sugar apple and lemon flavors. The pies were moist and perfectly flaky. This makes them wonderful but hard to eat in the car. The filling was flavorful but not overly sweet so that it obscured the fruit flavor. They stayed warm in their little packet for the 10 minutes we navigated traffic (and could manage to pretend like we didn't want to eat them right away).


Do Bianchi said...

Just leaving a comment to tell you how much I love your blog... Great stuff... Chicken fried steak et alia has become an obsession since I move to TX three years ago... and I always love browsing your blog... Blog on (please!). :)

Anonymous said...

THere is now a Original Fried Pie Shop in Houston. It is located in Baker's Ribs at 2223 S. Voss.

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