Monday, November 3, 2008

Humble City Café (Revisit) – Humble, TX

Most qualified and conscientious restaurant reviewers visit the same location several times before writing their food columns. Being neither qualified and conscientious, I have already written about the Old Humble Café. A visit by Chicken Fried In-Laws inspired us to sample a little chicken fried goodness.

This round, I decided to try the Chicken Fried Chicken (but insisted Chicken Fried Wife get the CFS so I could taste it again).

The CFC: The chicken was pounded flat and fried up. I frankly prefer having the full chicken breast without the pillard which I think makes it juicier. Still, it was moist and tasty.

The Breading: Like the CFS, the breading was thin but crunchy. The style was the same and was pretty tasty.

The Gravy: Too much! The CFC was swimming in the stuff. It made it a bit soggy. (although our waiter did ask if I wanted it on the side or not). Again, it was creamy and smooth, but the flavor was a bit bland (I allowed myself to add salt and pepper).

The Knife: Something involved like a steak knife was again required (a standard kitchen knife not workable here). If nothing else, it helped cut through the gravy.

The Sides: Mashed potatoes and fried okra. The potatoes were lumpy and thick. The flavor was a bit bland again, possibly because the same gravy was spread over it (our waiter asked if I wanted it on or off). The okra was awful – just awful. Cold and soggy, nothing like the fried okra I know and love.

So, when more company comes to town, I think I’ll recommend the CFS over the CFC at Humbe City Cafe. And, for pete’s sake, go easy on that gravy.

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