Saturday, November 15, 2008

Barbecue Inn -- Houston, TX

You can smell the Barbecue Inn for a few blocks away – like a hickory smoked trail leading you to paradise. You’re not just smelling the smoke for the barbeque, you’re also smelling a little piece of Houston history.

Barbecue Inn is a really neat diner that is very comfortable. It has a diner feel (complete with lunch counter and pie window box) but some modern updates like iconic Texas and Houston images etched into glass separating tables. You sink deep in to the red benches and feel instantly at home.

The CFS: Juicy and well done. Cubed steak was the meat, although they were a bit small (it actually came in two steaks). The consistency was perfect and the bite gave just enough resistance.

Breading: Flaky and crunchy (southern style). Held up to the gravy nicely. It did not have enough flavor, compounded by the fact that the gravy didn’t have much punch.

Gravy: Not great. It was bland and white. Not much flavor, requiring me to execute two rounds of salt and pepper to make it to my liking. The gravy was served on the CFS (they didn’t ask if I wanted it otherwise).

Knife size: Standard knife given and used. But, really, something more on the order of a steak knife would have been more appropriate.

Sides: No choices. It comes with a salad (lettuce and tomato) and French fries. Neither were great, but the salad hit the spot and the fries were fresh, hot and useful for soaking up extra gravy.

Cost: $10.75. A bit high considering the sides weren't great. But, the portions were significant.

Service: Great. The waitresses are from a bygone era where you were called “hon” regardless of your age and everyone makes you feel welcome. This compliments the comfort of the place perfectly.

Music selection: Musac’ed hits from the 1980s (Solsbury Hill “by” Peter Gabriel was a favorite of Mrs. CFS).

I’m sure I’ll go back to the Barbecue Inn but I’m not sure I’ll order the CFS again. The menus indicate “Serving Houston Since 1946.” Here’s hoping for at least another 60 years.

116 W. Crosstimbers, Houston


Anonymous said...

CFS my computer crashed and I lost your email.

Chicken Fried Texan said...

TC -- I'm at

mamacita said...

I went here not too long ago; in my opinion, the fried chicken is the real standout.

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