Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Old Mill Inn - Dallas, TX

Chicken Fried Road Trip: Dallas
(Part II)

After a long day of learning and exploring at the museums of Fair Park with tater tot, we were hungry for sustenance. Fortunately, there is a Dallas institution a few steps from the museums and nestled in the heart of Fair Park. So, I talked Chicken Fried Family into a lunchtime visit (it wasn't hard).

The Old Mill Inn’s exterior resembles a quaint old mill and the inside reminds one of a large diner. We practically the only people in the restaurant and we got a great deal of attention from the welcoming staff.

The CFS: It was tough and overcooked. The meat was dense and hard to chew, like an old shoe. This made for an unpleasant bite.

Breading: Despite the toughness of the meat, the breading was good. Southern style with a nice deep brown color.

Gravy: A white, cream gravy. Nothing remarkable but it was a good compliment to the dish.
Knife: Standard kitchen knife provided, but given the density of the meat, something more on the order of a chainsaw was needed.

Sides: Choose two. I chose mashed potatoes (which were good but nothing special) and the black eyed peas. The black eyed peas were simply amazing. Of course, being close to New Years Day and being a Texan, it’s tradition to eat them. But, these rightfully should be eaten every day. They were cooked in a wonderful broth with ham (or ham hocks) giving the beans an amazing flavor.

Cost: $ 10.99. Not a bad price, if the meal was cooked properly.

Service: Superb! The staff, especially our waitress, were so friendly and exceptionally welcoming. Our waitress swapped stories about being a grandmother with Chicken Fried Mother and was friendly and gracious with the tot, even as he demanded macaroni and cheese.

Music Selection: None.

The Old Mill Inn is a treasure and worth a visit. I’d recommend it, but ask for your CFS to be cooked medium.

3611 Grand Avenue, Dallas.


curiousgirl said...

this is perhaps one of the best blogs i have come across...i love the style you use for each entry...being a texan, i know how each city and town has their "best of the best" entries for chicken fried steak...i have actually tried several of the ones you list on your blog, and i intend to try a few others you suggested...

i have linked you from my blog, however, if you prefer (after visiting my blog) that you would not like to be linked from my blog, please let me know via email (which can be found on my profile) that you wish to be removed and i will do so immediately with no hard feelings :)

i look forward to seeing what other fabulous finds you come across the great state of texas!


Chicken Fried Texan said...


Thanks for the comment! Linkage is always appreciated. Let me know how you like these places you visit.

Athena said...

This is truly a blog after my own heart! I'm also from Houston and love a good CFS, so this is some good reading! :) Have you ever had the CFS from Hickory Hollow in the Heights? I could never get past the delicious BBQ but my bf was a huge fan. Looking forward to reading more!

Chicken Fried Texan said...

Many thanks! Hickory Hollow is very good (I went to the one just off 290) entry forthcoming!

jams = free+love said...

texas girl ... living in indiana & missing chicken fried steak!

Chicken Fried Texan said...

I lived in Indiana and loved it but, yes, the lack of CFS is alarming! I bet a warm CFS and a big scoop of mashed potatoes would be excellent on a cold, Midwestern night.

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